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Miss Powell’s experience

The Problem:

Miss Powell was absolutely terrified of the dentist but really wanted her teeth to look great for her wedding as they were very crooked at the front and she didn’t like smiling because she was very embarrassed of them. She also had a very short time scale to get all the treatment done that she needed as she had decided on the treatment last minute.

The Solution:

She found the Dental Holiday website through a Google search for dentistry abroad, and was impressed by its plain-talk, honesty and friendly approach, so she decided to let us call her back. After talking her through the veneer procedure, just a week later, she arrived at Bratislava airport. We pulled out all the stops for her to get the veneers done in time for the wedding, and the end result is absolutely fantastic.

Mrs Powell says:

“Thanks to my new veneers my teeth are now perfect, white and straight. I feel like a model!”

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