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Going abroad?

Going abroad for dental treatment can be nerve-racking if you’ve never done it before. But really there’s nothing to worry about! I’d like to share with you all an email that I received this morning:

Hi Daniel,

Just wanted to book in my next appointment… but first I wanted to say a big thank you to the team for taking such good care of me on my first visit. You never know what to expect… flying to another country to visit a dentist is a nerve racking experience… especially when it’s in Slovakia, and I’ve recently seen Hostel (the movie where people get sold on the black market as torture / organ guinea pigs…). But the service and professionalism of your team couldn’t be higher (and I left with both my kidneys, always a plus).

From Phil’s warm welcome (although his tour guide skills on the drive could use some polishing… to the left you’ll see a field of snow, to the right… erm, more snow) to Monica and Marek who were with me until 11pm (my flight was late), and then kindly dropped me off at the apartment. Thank you for making such a huge dental experience (having 16 teeth prepared for crowns!) smooth and bearable. The guys did you proud.

In this humorous email, you can see that we’ll take good care of you!

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