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An abutment is a small connector post used to securely join a dental implant and crown. Abutments are inserted once the implant is fully integrated within a patient’s mouth and healing time has elapsed. The new tooth (crown) can then be securely attached to the abutment/implant.

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  1. please can I have a cheap quote on full mouth implants/abutments etc and how long would the procedure take from start to finish?. Do I need to come back once they are complete.?

    • Hi Tracy, here are some notes on the “ALL ON 4” DENTAL IMPLANT PROCEDURE which is 4 dental implants supporting a fixed bridge of 12 new teeth done by Dr. Marek, our “all on 4” specialist.

      A full in depth description of the “all on 4” dental implant procedure can be found on the Dental Holiday website at:

      Together with our patient manager Natalie, or one of our expert dental nurses, we’ll make a free X-ray or CT Scan to check your jaw bone density and structure and then shortly after Dr. Marek will be available for you to discuss the treatment exactly, as well as your needs, calm any fears you have and answer any niggling expert questions over a cup of tea or coffee.

      If all is well, then you can go ahead with the “all on 4” dental implant treatment on that same visit if you wish after a short break to get some food, have a rest or shower at your nearby accommodation.

      Your treatment plan for the worlds best quality “all on 4” (straumann company) dental implants with a lifetime guarantee.

      We have recently been promoted to a platinum rated GCR dental implant clinic, due to Dr. Mareks excellent implant success record.

      Visit 1:
      This can be done on the same visit as your consultation to save an extra trip if you wish. The implant session will take just a morning session, however we need you to stay overnight, so that we can have your temporary bridge made in the lab, ready for fitting at the end of the next day.

      You will have dissolvable stitches, which mean a further visit to a local dentist will not be necessary.

      If extractions or a bone graft / sinus lift is needed, then it can also be done on this visit.

      What will you have in my mouth in between?

      Sometimes your existing denture can be modified free of charge to wear during the healing period, or a temporary denture / bridgework will instead be provided, already a step forward from your existing appearance, so that you can function normally and no-one will notice that the implants are healing underneath. Healing caps on the implants are also provided free of charge.

      However the implant is still healing, and these “temporary teeth” are built for cosmetic reasons and soft food function only, please do allow a couple of weeks for the implants to get a firm grip in your jawbone.

      Does it hurt? – No, not at all. However it is still a surgical operation, and you can expect mild swelling and aching afterwards. Taking some regular painkillers for a couple of days afterwards should do the trick nicely, and you’re confidently smiling again.

      Visit 2: 1-2 months later you will need to return for a one day stay to have impressions taken of your healed implants so that the bridgework or crowns can be made up for you. Your implants will also be checked if they have healed well enough, for the abutments to be placed in them. The overall shade and look of the crowns / bridgework is usually decided on this visit.

      Visit 3: 1-2 months after visit 2 you will need to return to have the final crowns or bridgework put across the implants. And you’ve made what most of our patients consider to be the best investment they’ve ever made for themselves personally.

      Costs involved:

      There are no hidden or “from” costs. The only other costs that the ones below are the return cheap flights from your local airport and local accommodation (typically €35 per night)
      Healing caps on the implants are free of charge. The initial “no-pressure” consultation and x-rays / CT scan are also always free of charge.

      In case you need any tooth extractions for implants, these cost £47 per tooth.

      The total “all on 4” dental implant treatment cost with Dental Holiday is:
      4 x (£397) Dental Implants and 4 x (£197) Titanium Abutments = £2376
      12 x (£297) Specialized and strengthened porcelain implant crowns = £3564
      Total = £5940

      Payment is in 2 parts:

      £3564 is the amount payable on visit 1 – which is 60% of £5940 – the total fee of the “all on 4” system per jaw.
      (12 crowns on a bridge supported by 4 dental implants & abutments)

      + any extractions which may be needed (£47 per tooth)

      The remaining 40% should be paid on your last visit.

      (this is the total cost for either the upper or lower jaw of 4 implants supporting 12 teeth. If you should need both doing then the cost is x2)

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