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AEEDC Students Competition 2011

Date: Feb 1-3, 2011

Competition is a major factor in education. On a global scale, national education systems intend to bring out the best in the next generation, by involving students in educational intellectual competitions and offering them incentives for self-improvement.

AEEDC Students Competition provided a unique opportunity to all dental students in their last academic years to actively interact with their counterparts from different dental colleges and universities through a face-to-face competition, with a vision of exchanging information, knowledge and expanding their horizons on various issues of dentistry. Competing students will be challenged to engage with Dental questions correlated to AEEDC conference lectures, in various subjects ranging from Infection Control and Four Handed Dentistry to Implantology and Oral Surgery. The competitor teams will strive for one goal which is winning the AEEDC Knowledge Champion.

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