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All on 6 procedure – dental implants for everyone

Peter Smile Clinic

If you have one or several teeth missing you surely know how much discomfort this can bring to one’s life. Mr Peter was suffering from severe tooth pain for a long time and therefore he contacted our dental clinic. His wish was to get pain-free dental treatment resulting in a perfect-looking smile.

Peter after treatment

Peter took the option we provide to have the treatment while sleeping. Therefore, a few days before the surgery in general anaesthesia, he had to see his GP to get all pre-operational examinations and tests.

While he was sleeping, Dr. Mark, our head implantologist, successfully put 12 dental implants in his mouth – 6 dental implants in his lower jaw and 6 dental implants into his upper jaw. Before he could do this, 8 teeth had to be extracted from Peter’s upper jaw and 10 from his lower jaw. Also, a sinus lift has been done before the implantation.

On the same day, we provided a temporary dental bridge for the patient. The provisional dental bridge serves as a denture during the healing period which usually is 2-4 months. This temporary bridge is fixed to the implants so the patient doesn’t have to put it in every morning.

Peter’s X-ray before treatment
Peter’s X-ray after treatment

Usually, the healing period after dental implant surgery is 3 months. Due to the sinus lift procedure, Peter had to wait for the next stage of treatment a little longer. 5 months after the surgery, we took the impressions of healed dental implants and sent them to our specialized dental lab. Thanks to these precisely taken impressions our dental technicians were able to prepare the final ceramic dental bridge for patients. After 4 weeks his dental bridges were ready so he came to the clinic for the final fitting of his permanent teeth.

Now Peter has 6 dental implants in his upper jaw supporting a 14 – point dental bridge and the same in his lower jaw. As Peter says in a testimonial he left us after finishing the treatment, “I’m 100% satisfied with my new smile, I recommend this to everyone. You live only once.”

Peter’s new teeth

You can have new teeth as well!

Peter’s testimonial

If you have similar problems as Peter had before he came to us please feel free to contact us via this CONTACT FORM and tell us about your dental situation. We will send you an e-mail with more information about your desired treatment within 24 hours.