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How do soft drinks affect teeth?

The enamel on teeth is becoming more and more worn away due to increased exposure to acidic foods and drinks.

Dentists are now sending out warning to consumers of acidic drink, such as fizzy drinks and fruit juices, with lemon juice being seen as the biggest problem, closely followed by grapefruit and orange juice.

Dentists are now calling for patients to be extra cautious when consuming such acidic foods and drinks, as the acid in such foods causes the enamel of teeth to erode.

However, other sources of acid are said to be at fault such as acid reflux in the stomach, various forms of mouth drying medication, commonly anti-depressants, and even the chloride in swimming pools has been identified as dentist to be an acidic problem.

Despite this, it is soft drinks that have been identified as the main problem to our teeth, energy and powdered drinks are thought to be the biggest pest to teeth enamel and dentist have advised that the consumption of such drinks should be kept to a minimum.

One way to get around it is to try not to sip a soft drink over a long period of time. They continually expose your teeth to the acid.

Also, don’t brush your teeth right away after drinking fizzy drinks, it’s better to just rinse your mouth with water.

Whilst it is impossible to rid your diet of all acidic foods and drink, dentists are calling for patients to reduce their intake of drinks that are notoriously high in acid content in order to protect teeth enamel.

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