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“I have a very beautiful set of teeth”

Aileen from Scotland contacted Smile Clinic in Slovakia about this time last year about replacing her dentures with permanent teeth.

2 months after her 1st inquiry about the “all on 6” full mouth replacement with Dr. Marek, she flew over for session one and fell in love with the clinic and local area.

As you can see from the X-ray, 6 dental implants were placed to both the upper and lower jaws supporting 12 teeth. The result was amazing, and you hear exactly what a difference it has had for Aileen in her testimonial.

After wearing two plates and having missing teeth for many years I cannot speak highly enough about the clinic and its staff. There were so many little things that made a great difference for me. The car from the airport, telephone calls, emails, English speaking staff, nothing was too much trouble.

I have a very beautiful set of teeth now and a very confident smile. Piestany is also a beautiful place to explore and take spa treatments. I have absolutely no hesitation about recommending this clinic and its staff.

Thank you. Aileen x.x.x.”