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1 in 7 brits say their dental health is very poor

One in seven Britons admit their dental health is poor or extremely poor, according to a market research poll of 1,000 patients aged 16 to 64. More than half have one or two teeth missing. The survey did not show whether patients had NHS or private care, but many still found the costs too high.

At some time between 2006 and 2008, around 30% of patients did not go to the dentist due to cost. And, since 2003, around 20% had decided not to have treatment due to cost. This means 11.3 million people have not gone to the dentist since 2006 because they cannot afford it and 7.7 million have not had treatment for the same reason since 2003. And 1.29 million have gone abroad to clinics like mine in Piestany spa, Slovakia for dental care in the last five years to save money.

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