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11 million Brits can’t afford dentist

MORE than 11 million British adults have not seen a dentist in the last two years – because even a check-up is too expensive. And more than half the adult population now have teeth missing.

Almost eight million patients admit they have not had recommended dental work in the last five years because of the cost.

The shameful truth about the nation’s dental health follows years of broken promises and badly-managed reforms under Labour.

Almost half the adult population do not have access to an NHS dentist – but even those who do are still being stung by charges that can run into hundreds of pounds per visit.

Patients’ Association chairman Anthony Halperin, a former dentist, said last night: “The Government has never explained why we do not have to pay for medical treatment but we do have to pay for dental treatment.

“Why are teeth thought of as a different part of the body? It is a matter of finance.”

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