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Brits pay too much for dental implants

dental prices abroad

Brits pay too much for dental implants. The problem is so severe and so widespread that many patients resort to travelling to our dental clinic abroad to find dental treatments they can afford. Why is it like this?

Dental implant costs to patients in the UK have traditionally been more expensive than in any other country in the world. In many cases, the cost for comparative dental implant treatment in the UK is three times as much as in other countries like Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. For this reason, over 1000 UK patients each year travel to our dental clinic abroad to have their dental implants and save their money. And what’s more, compared with a typical UK dentist, we treat over 10 times as many dental implant patients per year, resulting in 10x more experienced implant surgeons and support teams.

The reason is simple: dental market forces have meant that the dental implant manufacturers have been able to get away with it. The vanity and relatively high standard of living of the British public, plus the associated higher laboratory costs, have kept prices high. But, now through website’s like Dental Holiday, the British public is now sufficiently well-informed to know there is an alternative. As Britain emerges from the recent financial crisis, the problem for Britain’s dentists is likely to get worse unless NHS dentists take positive action.

The UK price to a patient for a dental implant, abutment and crown varies from around £1,800 to £3,000 per tooth in the UK. With Dental Holiday the same dental implant treatment is available for just £1050.

10 thoughts on “Brits pay too much for dental implants”

    • Hi Steve – thank you for your message – and it’s quite easy for me to answer. Here in Slovakia, We pay €297 for each dental implant we buy from the manufacturers (Straumann Switzerland). On top of that, we have to pay our top surgeons, the team, the labs, other material that goes into the dental implant process, rent, taxes etc. I know that Straumann (the company that makes the worlds leading implants) offers similar prices wherever they sell dentists their dental implants, be it India, Taiwan or the UK – so I’d love to be proved wrong (and I’d certainly worry about the quality of the doctor placing the implant) if the dental implant was any less than what they paid for it.
      If you do find a £297 dental implant – be sure to let me know 🙂

  1. I am enquiring on behalf of a relative, who at the moment is at the start of a lengthy process to replace 2 crowned teeth which support s bridge of 2 teeth. The crowned teeth are crumbling and so she is having the 2 teeth and the bridge removed. Then she is having 4 false teeth on a plate to wear for 3 months while the gums heal. Then she will have to go back at least twice to have the implants fitted and again to have the new crowns and bridge fitted. What would be your charge for all that, how many appointments would she need with you and where are you?

    • Hi Mary, it’s so nice of you to be enquiring on behalf of your relative. It’s quite simple, 2 visits would probably be needed, she would fly to Bratislava or Vienna airport and the cost would be most probably 2 dental implants, 2 abutments and 4 crowns. I’ll put all that together in an email for you, and we can chat over the phone about it if you like. Sincerely, Daniel

    • Hi Tim! Firstly, as a certified pain-free clinic, we do our best to make sure that there is no pain involved by using our advanced technology & protocols. Secondly, can you please tell me more about those 4 dental implants that you need? Which teeth need to be replaced? Once I know that I’d be able to put some more accurate pricing together for you. Just can write your answer here if you like.

    • Dear Bob,
      If you have dental implants already, then it’s important for us to know which brand of dental implants they are (have a look at the bottom half of this page for a dental implant list:
      Only then will we be able to determine if we have the necessary tools (each implant brand has it’s own special set of tools) to enable us to attach the crowns to the abutments. If we have the tools for the brand of dental implant that you have, then currently (2010 prices) a specialized dental implant crown costs £297 per tooth and can be fitted in just one 4 working-day stay.

      I hope that helps.

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