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Can you do a bone graft/ sinus lift and dental implant at the same time?

In favorable circumstances, we usually do dental implantation at the same time as a  bone graft or sinus lift.

This is to save the patient from having to go through surgery twice. It saves 8-12 weeks of healing time to the overall length of the completed dental work.

Whether or not we can do this is always based on the evidence provided by the CBCT-scan done in our clinic and our implantologists’ discretion.

From our own in-clinic research, the success rate of such bone graft + dental implant cases increases the overall success rate of the dental implant osseointegration minimally by 2% (from 96% to 98% – 2018 statistics).

If there is a large infection present in the area however, we prefer to do the sinus lift/bone graft surgery in a separate stage from the dental implantation.

The dental material used at Dental Holiday Slovakia is Mineral Bone Substitute – Material Algipore.

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