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“I can’t speak highly enough”

Before Dental Holiday
One day later at Dental Holiday
Final Visit To Dental Holiday

It took Sean half a year of emailing Daniel back and forth before deciding to come over to Smile Clinic Slovakia for his Dental Holiday. Now Sean can’t speak highly enough about his experience at Dental Holiday.

He sent an x-ray he’d had done beforehand in the UK so that Daniel could put together a more precise treatment plan and quote for him.

Immediately on his first visit after a free CT-scan and consultation, we started with fitting dental implants, and creating a semi-permanent bridge for him to wear during the healing period.

The 2nd photo shows Sean after his very 1st visit, and the last photo, with a more natural look as full porcelain crowns were used to complete the smile. The whole process took 3 short visits over 6 months to complete.

click on the review to see it in full
click on the review to see it in full

The photographs above and video below certainly tell you more of the story than I can write down here, and the dental treatment abroad with Dental Holiday made all the difference in his quality of life afterwards.

Here’s what Sean had to say about his time with us:

10/10 – I can’t speak highly enough, I’ve been looked after so well. The first time I met Natalia, she was so friendly. She does not rush you and is always there if you have any problems.”

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