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“Caring and Empathetic Approach”

Before dental treatment with Dental Holiday
Before dental treatment
After treatment

As you can see immediately from the photographs – the “English teeth” smile so often associated with people from the UK has been completed revamped into a brighter and more symmetrical look – giving James the look and confidence he’d been missing for years.

James came to us from Lancashire in North England, and flew each time via Manchester or Liverpool direct to Bratislava airport where we have an airport transfer service direct to the clinic.

He made 3 short visits to us for 7 dental implants supporting 12 crowns on the upper jaw,  and a few dental implants to replace his missing back teeth and ceramic crowns for his bottom front teeth.

Hand written patient testimonial
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When asked about his dental treatment abroad with us at Dental Holiday – Smile Clinic Slovakia, this is what he had to say:

10/10 – All first contacts professional & friendly: treatment plan proposed, costed, then initiated. Very professional and competent team all round. Attention to the patient concerns with any issues elevated & corrected. Attention to detail by the whole team. Caring & empathetic approach. Accommodation good and well kept. First and last contact Daniel (Driver) efficient ambassador for the practice and putting people at ease.

You too can really recreate your look and confidence with us today. Have the courage to contact us, whatever you budget, history or status, and get started on a smile that will last a lifetime.