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Wendy and her new smile :)
Hand written patient testimonial
Hand written patient testimonial

Wendy had dental crowns and dental implants done in Slovakia and this is her testimonial.

Excellent service from everyone. You feel very safe and that you are getting the best possible treatment from very caring professionals. I will come back for check ups + to see the hygienist.”

Email from Wendy: “That is an astonishing transformation!  I knew it was good work but I didn’t realize how good, thank you so much for sending them.  It has been a life changing experience and I will always be very grateful for all your kindness and hard work.  We might be able to get Tony into the chair next visit. Get those pictures on the web site pronto!   -Wendy “

Wendy before her treatment
Wendy before her treatment at Dental Holiday
Wendy with her new smile and her husband :)
Wendy with her new smile and her husband 🙂
Wendy after her Dental Holiday
Wendy after her treatment

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