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Choosing a dentist feels like a “toothpaste trance”?

Gone are the simple days of just “running in for a tube of toothpaste.”  or “going to the local dentist”.  Now choosing a dentist abroad means miles of mind-numbing choices standing between you and the simple days of bygone England.

Recently, I read a article on the problems people have when simply choosing the right toothpaste – sending them into a “toothpaste trance” – which led me onto thinking that choosing a dentist abroad is quite similar!

Today, just as toothpastes contains so many differing ingredients – that you may just stop and stare in front of 42 different brands and types currently offered in typical supermarkets, and certainly choosing a dental clinic online brings up a dizzying array of combinations as well, to get you eating and smiling well again.

Types of implant brands, types of ceramic crowns used, time involved, costs, distance, guarantees, technology used, experience of dentists, free services – not unlike choosing a toothpaste in the supermarket —challenge both your enamel and your common sense.

Choosing a dentist abroad?

In all my experience of running and working with dental clinics, I’d certainly start with the clinic reviews first and then consider your individual needs and preferences against what they offer.

Of course, most dental clinics out here think that they are the best for you, but the proof is in the pudding, as they say – and handwritten reviews, before and after photos, and video interviews will let you make that decision much more easily.

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