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“I am very pleased”

Hand written patient testimonial
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Sue visited Dental Holiday in April 2012, and she found us through searching for “best dentist abroad for tooth crowns”.

She had earlier sent me a photograph of her teeth done with her mobile phone, and I sent her a free treatment plan and quote based on what I saw in the photograph.

Shortly afterwards, Sue flew with her husband to Vienna, where our driver picked her up and took them both to their accommodation.

She had 10 zirconium crowns done in just one visit of 4 working days. You can watch her video on this page, read her dental treatment review, and see her before and after dental treatment photos all on this page:

Everybody was very helpful and I had work done on my upper teeth. I am very pleased with the treatment the treatment that I received.”

Photographs before and after dental treatment:

Sue before her dental treatment
Sue before her dental treatment
Sue with her new dental crowns and bridges
Sue with her new dental crowns and bridges

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