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How many complaints are made against UK dentists?

The number of patients’ complaints against UK dentists is on the rise – The General Dental Council (GDC) dealt with 69 conduct cases against UK dentists in 2007 and 14 dentists were erased from the register.

These figures have been climbing in recent years:

• In 2004 there were 31 cases and five dentists were struck off the register
• In 2005 there were 44 cases and 14 dentists were struck off the register
• In 2006 there were 64 cases and 16 dentists were struck off the register

Common complaints include poor treatment, fraud and unjust claims for payment.

complaints against uk dentists
These are the numbers today.

Good dentistry doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you go with for dental treatment abroad with us. Today, when UK clients have to part with thousands of pounds for dental treatment in the UK, they are going to be less forgiving, and go abroad to us for their dental treatment.

The most common claims against UK dentists are for root treatments that didn’t work or crowns and bridges that broke. That’s why at Dental Holiday, we will give you a 5 year, no problem guarantee on all dentistry that we carry out.

More than twice as many claims are made against dentists as against doctors.

Through Dental Holiday we are looking for ways to help where others might not do so, and to ‘go the extra mile’ rather than cutting corners in dentistry.

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