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Composite Filling


A composite filling is a tooth coloured alternative to metallic fillings. They are formed from polymers, combined with cilica, quartz or ceramic particles.

What is the step-by-step procedure for a composite filling:

1. An X-ray must be taken of the tooth or teeth to be filled.

2. The metal filling must be completely removed and checked to see there isn’t any infection or additional cavities. Some of the tooth will be “shaved” in this process.

3. The tooth or teeth are then thoroughly cleaned, removing any debris, dried and prepared for filling.

4. The composite material is then applied and bonded with the tooth.

5. A curing light is used to completely seal the filling.

6. The dentist will make sure the filling is bonded and dried and there isn’t residual composite left on the tooth/teeth.

7. The mouth is rinsed and dried.

8. There may be some numbness for a couple of hours and even though you can eat food, it should only be soft for 24 hours.

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