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Your Dental Consultation Comparison – a quick guide

Have you ever thought about having a dental treatment consultation locally in the UK before travelling abroad, or perhaps for a 2nd opinion?

This handy table allows to weigh up the options of having your dental treatment consultation abroad with us free of charge (the x-rays and airport transfer as also included, so nothing to pay apart from your airfare).

It’s simply a matter of finding a date that works for you and buying a suitable cheap flight, then send the fight details to us using our contact form and we’ll take care of the rest.

  Typical London Dental Holiday
Cost of consultation £80 free
Cost of X-ray £50 free
Travel cost fuel / ticket / parking £100 by Ryanair
Time required depends on your location 1 day
Consultation with the doctor who will treat you depends on your treatment yes
Get to know the Dental clinic abroad staff no yes
Immediate treatment after consultation no yes, if wanted

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  1. Please contact me on the above e-mail for a quotation with regard to having four upper front teeth repaired including 1 implant, four crowns or bridge and possibly a bone graft…
    Mr Steve West


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