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Dental Treatment Abroad Dentist

At Dental Holiday, we make sure that we offer all the necessary information about our dental team and our dental clinic abroad as a whole on our website, so that it can be easily accessible to researchers and potential dental patients from the UK.

Meet your Dentist abroad

For years, dentists from Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Turkey, just to name a few countries, have been offering dental treatment to patients from other country or countries. In most cases ; if they are geared towards a particular country or group of countries, then, it would be likely for them to have training and experience in that country or those countries. That’s the way it is for our head dentist abroad and his supporting team.

About our Dentist Dr. Marek Salka

Dr. Marek is an Implant (implantology), Root Canal (endontistry), and Cosmetic Dentistry specialist. He is renowned throughout Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Poland for his advanced implant techniques and remarkable relaxed attitude, which leads to a painless dental experience for all our UK visitors. He is a talented and experienced European dental professional who is fully qualified and is registered with the Slovak Dental Council. He and his dental team aim to make dental care highly individualized, to make sure each patient’s personal needs and preferences are addressed. Dr. Marek is a master of implantology with over 7 years of daily dental implant experience.

Dr. Marek and his team only use the best and highest quality material for his dental procedures. These materials are sourced from Germany, Austria, England, Switzerland, and the USA and are EU certified. The services and material are fully insured and all treatment come with a minimum of five years guarantee. He and his team are fluent English speakers and can answer any questions you might have.

  1. 60% of his clients are from the UK
  2. He treats at most of 5-7 patients per day for dental implants, crowns, root canals and veneers to create a relaxed, no-pressure dental environment.
  3. He is a recognized cosmetic dentistry expert with the latest OPG x-ray systems, Ankylos implants, and advanced zirconia crowns.
  4. He places almost 600 dental implants per year, presently with a 98% success rate.
  5. A licensed dentist in full-time practise since 2000
  6. A certified dental specialist in implantology and endontistry
  7. A member of the Slovak Dental Chamber
  8. Former Member of General Dental Council (British Dental Register)
  9. Former Member of the American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry
  10. Ongoing attendance of post graduate dental training in the UK with the BACD

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