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“Dr. Marek is a dental artist!”

Marie with her new smile
Hand written patient reviews
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Marie came to us all the way from Australia, choosing our dental clinic in Slovakia out of 100s of others in Hungary, Poland and Thailand for her cosmetic dental treatment abroad and rated us 10 out of 10 in her handwritten dental treatment review.

This is what she had to say about the visit and what she would tell others:

Anxiety regarding whether I would feel pleased with the result – pain & discomfort – support of the people I would be dealing with & confidence in the whole experience & monetary & personal investment & these were all of my money concerns!

I am thrilled with the result & care given to me. More than I hope for – I had every support & Dr. Marek is a dental artist with amazing skills.
I loved my dental holiday in Piestany in the interim including a trip to Vienna – love the ambiance of the town.

I will be making strong recommendation to anyone making any enquiry of my experience as a whole – my
thanks to Marek and Staff!”

Marie after her treatment
after dental treatment
Marie before her treatment at Dental Holiday
Before dental treatment

As you can see from the photos, the short visit to our dental clinic was well worth it!

Although she could have got away with her teeth as they were for many years to come, the cosmetic benefits of having them crowned, gave her a new lease of life, and a more youthful look immediately.

Marie with her new smile
Marie with her new smile

When Marie finally arrived back home, she sent us this email message confirming exactly what we thought:

Good morning to you all.
I am still very happy with my dental work and get a surprise each time I look in the mirror.
Our flight was delayed an hour and it was a long drive home, arrived around 4am. Am off for a morning tea to display my new look.
I might add that it was commented on that I look younger as well.  My face feels fuller with more teeth.I did not realize that my cheeks had sunk in as much until the result now.
I am sorry that my video was not better, I was running 20 mins late from off the boat trip and was rushing and very nervous.  Anyway, thanks to your team and you will receive every recommendation I am in a position to make.
Regards Marie”

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