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Saving on implantology and cosmetic dentistry

With bills and food prices rocketing, there are still ways to save money. One of life’s other expensive necessities, dentistry, is now becoming far more affordable. This much needed boost to household finances is further enhanced by the Internet start up Dental Holiday. By going abroad, dental patients are now saving on dental treatment up to 70% on UK prices.

Dental Holiday focuses on dental treatment in Piestany, a spa town about 45 minutes from Bratislava in Slovakia. The company was founded by Lancashire born Daniel Shaw and builds on his extensive local knowledge and strong links with the Slovak dentistry community. Daniel is now based in Slovakia and teamed up with the renowned Slovak implantologist, Dr. Marek Salka to found the company. “I was really impressed by Marek’s enthusiasm for the project. I also know Slovakia and it is a lovely country, a really good place to have dental treatment. When Marek suggested the project to me I was really keen to come on board”. Daniel acts as the friendly local face for clients who require information about dentistry abroad.

Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic have an excellent reputation for dentistry. The countries have a strong tradition in dental training and in the allied professions, and is now the number one destination for dental care abroad in the world. The dental clinic dentalholiday chose to work with, was specifically designed for overseas clients and boasts an excellent, highly qualified dental team trained to the highest European standards along with a state-of-the-art surgery. All treatments are fully guaranteed. The dentistry has treated over 1500 UK patients since 2006. Clients can relax in the knowledge that their dental experience will be safe, professional and successful.

Dentistry abroad is the safe and affordable alternative to UK dental bills.

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