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Comparing Dental Clinics Abroad

“I loved your Dental Holiday website and found the email responses very informative but I’ve noticed that your dental implant prices are slightly higher than in other dental clinics – why should I chose you?”

Having discussed this many times in recent months, I’ve noticed that there are six fundamental points, that I would consider when comparing dental clinics abroad for my dental implants:

Dr. Marek Dental Holiday

1. The Implantologist

Ask how many dental implants your chosen implantologist has placed. For comparison, our implantologist Dr Marek Salka has successfully placed over 2000 during the 7 years that our clinic has been running.

2. The brand of dental implant used

Ask which dental implant brand is being used in jaw, how long they have been manufactured and their track record. For comparison, Dr Marek Salka uses Ankylos and Straumann implants for the following reasons:

  • authorized ankylos implantologist
    Dental Implant Ankylos: For it’s TissueCare Concept (bacteria proof) and attractive long-term success rate for over 25 years, so that we can confidently offer a lifetime dental implant guarantee.
  • Dental Implant Straumann: Has roughened surfaces for better osseointegration (joining with the jawbone), enhanced bone-to-implant contact, better bio-mechanical and functional stability.

3. UK Patient Care

Check out the entire dental team and see how experienced and effective they are. For comparison, Dr Marek Salka is assisted by 3 dental nurses, Dr. Robert, an Anaesthesiologist, a patient manager, a receptionist, a professional driver, 5 dental technicians and a clinic manager. You can read more about them all here: the dental team.

What’s even more we provide free airport transfers any time of night or day, arrange local accommodation for you, provide you with a welcome pack and local mobile phone so that you can keep in touch at all times, and to make your Dental Holiday as hassle free as possible.

4. The actual clinic itself

Have a look at real photographs of the where your dental surgery will take place (not photos of other dental clinics stolen from their websites or dental brochures), or even better watch the entire video of the clinic. The technical equipment and the waiting areas of the dental practice. Notice how modern they are. At our Dental Holiday clinic, we provide the very best clinical and non-clinical environments.

  • Digital 3D facial CT-scan – one of only 3 such models in the country
  • Digital OPG full face x-ray imaging – both you and the Dr. will see the before and after on the surgery screens.
  • Digital facial bow monitoring – Arcus Digma
  • Digital microscopes for root canal treatment success
  • Cerec digital milling machines for use in our one visit smile makeovers
  • English TV, magazines, tea / coffee / cooled water, WiFi, smokers balcony
  • Easy walking distance to indoor shopping mall, river, spa island, parks, restaurants, bars.
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5. The communication

Ask yourself whether the dental clinic takes a genuine interest in you as an individual beforehand. Here at the Dental Holiday clinic, we pride ourselves on “no draft emails” by responding to each case personally and individually as long as it takes to decide if were the right dental clinic for you. If you haven’t already made a quick and easy dental enquiry, now’s the time to do so!

6. The costs involved

Ask yourself whether cheap is good in the area of dental implantology. We don’t offer the cheapest prices or implants here because we believe that the dental treatment cost we charge is fair to all and allows us to do our best work for you.

We believe that a patient undertaking implant treatment has a duty of care to themselves to ask these questions – and we are happy to answer them for you any time, just use the contact form, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours for sure.

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  1. Well I was unaware with the brand of dental implant used that is Dental Implant Ankylos, Dental Implant Straumann… Those are the best brands….


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