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CEREC – Your dental crown done in 1 hour which lasts for years!

Did you know that a full ceramic dental crown with no metal included can be done within 1 hour?

Do you have a cracked tooth? Do you have a molar that’s already had a root canal treatment and your dentist recommended a dental crown for it? Or do you simply need a dental crown but you don’t want to spend your best years visiting your dentist? CEREC may be the right time-saving yet durable solution for you.

Learn how can the dental crowns change your smile.

Why to choose CEREC dental crown

  1. One visit – your final crown will be ready on your first appointment with us
  2. Speed – the crown is done within one hour
  3. No pain – the treatment is done with enough amount of local anesthetics
  4. Quality – the crown is made of strong milled ceramic, it’s firm and doesn’t excessive abrasion of opposite teeth
  5. Bio-compatibility – CEREC crown does not contain any metal at all
  6. Guarantee – we provide 5 years guarantee for long-lasting CEREC crowns

Thanks to CEREC dental restorative system from Switzerland we are able to prepare most of the fully ceramic dental crowns during one appointment at our Bratislava dental clinic. Most of us prefer to spend time with our families than to spend it sitting in the dentist’s chair. With CEREC system, multiple visits at the dentist’s are history.

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CEREC at Smile Clinic Bratislava

The colour/shade of your future crown will be discussed with the doctor – he will advise you the shade that matches your natural teeth the best.

Here’s a video of the preparation of a CEREC crown:

Article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Šalka