Dental crowns can completely change your smile

Oxana´s teeth BEFORE the treatment
Oxana´s teeth BEFORE the treatment

Did you know, that our dentists are able to help you not only if you have one or more teeth missing, but also if you have all your teeth in good condition you are just not happy with their looks?

Mrs Oxana (46y) from Vienna, Austria, did not like the colour and the shape of her natural teeth – they were small and yellow. Although, they were healthy, as her dentist in Austria took good care of them. Our job was to help Oxana get a beautiful Hollywood smile.

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Oxana´s new Holywood smile
Oxana´s new Hollywood smile

She came from Vienna to our Bratislava dental clinic for a free consultation and X-ray in July 2018. The dentist, Dr Martin has suggested treatment with a full set of E-max dental crowns. After the consultation, she went home and took her time to make a decision about her dental treatment. Vienna, the capital of Austria, is just 70 km away from Bratislava and it is a lovely city. If you are traveling to us to get some dental treatment and you have one free day we would definitely recommend visiting Vienna. It´s surely worth it!

E-max dental crowns are the best option to achieve a Hollywood smile!

Oxana has made a booking for the first part of her treatment for September 2018. Dr. Martin needed her to be in the dental chair for approx. 4  hours to reshape her teeth. As this is a long time we made a few breaks during the appointment so the patient got some rest. After the reshaping is done we take the impressions of the newly shaped teeth. After that we provide temporary crowns to the patient. Thanks to these provisional crowns, patients are able to speak and smile normally. Chewing on these crowns has only minor restrictions.

In 25 days Oxana came back to our dental clinic to get her final E-max dental crowns fit in her mouth. They were made in our own specialized dental laboratory. Now Oxana has 28 dental crowns, 14 in her upper jaw and 14 in her lower jaw. All of them are in color A1.

This Friday Oxana came back to our clinic to have a quick check-up. We are glad that everything is fine. Now she is very happy with her new smile and she recommends our dental clinic to everyone that wants to have beautiful smile.

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