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Dental Holiday Day Trips

There are many day trips you can make from any Smile Clinic in Slovakia. Most can be reached by boat / train / bus / bike or on foot.

Here’s a handy site with bus / train times:

Bratislava old town

Lovely old town square, castle & theatre – all within 10mins walk of each other – and just 10 mins walk from our Bratislava city clinic.

Visit Vienna along with your dental treatment abroad

The boat to and from Vienna is a treat in itself (just 1hr, passes lots of sights, and goes direct from near our clinic to just off Vienna cathedral square)

Visit Piešťany spa along with your dental treatment abroad

Situated on 3km island in the river, this lovely botanic park contains many spas & mud pools with Volcanic sources, visited for thousands of years for those suffering from muscle and skin disorders.

Cartnuntum Roman museum:

You’d need to get the bus to Hainburg (a lovely walled city with 2 castles) and have a nice walk / taxi up river and you’d come to the beginning of the very many museum sections there:

Devin Castle

A 30min bus ride from Bratislava city centre, it offers a wonderful view of the Danube.

Schlosshof (you can walk over the footbridge from the slovak side of the river)

Neusiedler Lake

Europes largest inland lake (80km long) yet just 1-2 meters deep – so great for swimming, dinghy sailing and windsurfing. Also a great cycle route circles the lake and national park.

The High Tatra Mountains

Alpine height mountains that are great for day hiking. You’ll need to get a train up there to the villages at the foot of the mountains, but it’s well worth the trip.

Bojnice Castle

A fairytale castle and zoo, reachable by bus from Piestany.

Cerveny Kamen Castle

A great castle situated between Piestany and Bratislava in the hills.


4-5hrs train ride form Bratislava, a lovely city with plenty of attractions


2-3hr train ride from Bratislava, a lovely city with plenty of attractions.

If you need any more trip advice for the region, ask any one of our staff, we’re happy to help…