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Dental Implant Guarantee

dental implants guarantee
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The dental implant guarantee on carried out with Dental Holiday is now a lifetime guarantee  for all our dental patients from the UK.

Dental implants are the most predictable and logical method of replacing a lost or damaged human tooth. We now have multiple decades of clinical and basic sciences research to support us, and many years of clinical experiences to know what works and what does not. As the number of cases of dental implants, and the number of dental clinicians performing these implant treatments both increase, UK dentistry patients should know and understand what is the realistic outcome and longevity of this type of treatment.

We are dental implant specialists and after 10 years of experience day in and day out with UK dental implant patients, we say that all implants placed by a qualified clinician should receive a lifetime warranty.

This isn’t a rhetoric, nor a marketing claim. A simple conviction and philosophy, whereby we provide the best possible therapy we can perform, with the best materials and knowledge, and with the patient partnering in a life-long maintenance and care. Why not? We know it should work.

It’s very rare for a dental implant to fail, but as with any medical or dental procedure it is possible. If this happens, and you have followed the post-operative guidelines, the dental implant will be replaced without charge as long as it’s clinically viable. If bone grafting is needed, a charge will be made to cover this extra work. As you’d expect, refunds aren’t given.

If no immediate problems occur in the first couple of weeks then you can be quite sure that your dental implant is there to stay. A dental implant is built to last for a lifetime, however you should visit a dental hygienist every 6 months to keep the implanted area clean and make sure that there is no future loss of jawbone or onset of gum disease.

Having a severe accident, fight, or even cancer can cause the loss of a dental implant and the guarantee does not cover these cases of course.

If you feel that you have any problems whatsoever within the dental implant, please:

  • check around this website for an answer
  • use our dentist contact form to ask me directly
  • visit us or a local implantologist for a new digital OPG x-ray and advice

2 thoughts on “Dental Implant Guarantee”

  1. hi,Im hanzel from UK,a colleague gave me this site for me to compare the prices,,I am interested of an implant for my right front tooth which is wobbly due to sport related accident.I would like to know how much would it cost me for a front tooth implant?and how is the dental procedure of an implant and how long would i stay??how if my bone is not strong enough for an implant??how would i travel there in case?how is the mode of payments,will i pay the whole lot price so i will not worry of any other dental charges when i am there??hope you could help me with all this questions in my mind,,thanks a lot,,waiting for your response sir 🙂

    • Dear Hanzel,
      I am sorry to hear about your sporting accident. If there is not enough suitable bone available for a dental implants, then a bone graft / sinus lift will need to be done. You’ll need 3 one day visits over 2-3 months to complete the treatment, and you can reach us in Bratislava through ryanair.com and we’ll pick you up at the airport free of charge. Payment is in 3 stages, across the visits, there are no extra charges and the cost of a whole implant including abutment and crown, ct scans, temporary fixtures, healing abutment and all consultations is currently £891 (2012 prices).
      We also arrange local accommodation for all our patients, which is £30 per night.
      Does that help?


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