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What should I do if my implant has become loose or my crown has cracked?

My dental Implant is loose!

Once a dental implant has been placed and lasted for over 3-6 months, it is highly unlikely that it can ever become loose.

However, from time to time dental implant abutments (the little screw in the top of the dental implant that attaches the crown or bridgework to it) may become loose.

All it needs is a quick tighten which takes just a painless 5-10 minutes. To do this, you’ll need to find a local implantologist who has the right screwdriver.

If you’ve had dental implant treatment at our clinic, the implant system you have is called “Ankylos”, or “Neodent Straumann“.

If you prefer that we tighten the implant, let us know and we can book you in almost immediately to our Bratislava clinic.

Once you’ve made the flight booking to Bratislava / Vienna airport, please send the details to us along with your desired choice of accommodation if needed and we’ll get about sorting everything out for you.

My crown has chipped / cracked!

Our dental labs ensure that the porcelain used in our crowns & veneers is of the highest strength possible, whilst maintaining a real tooth-like appearance and feel.

As these crowns are made from the highest quality porcelain, no matter which clinic you’d visit in the world, there’s always a small chance that a crown can chip / fracture for unexpected or undue stress, as would a teacup for example. However, this is not a question of workmanship at all.

Please check our guarantee conditions:

And then send us a photograph of the chip / crack via email so that we can determine how long you’d need to be with us so that we can repair the crown or veneer for you.

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