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Two dental implants, with a porcelain crown bridge

This review received 5 stars on the treatment abroad website by an anonymous visitor to Piestany Dental Clinic.
The original review and others can be seen here:

“When two dental crowns I’d had for a number of years fell out for the third time, my local dentist advised me that my alternatives were a denture or dental implants. The cost of implants in the UK is astronomical. I’d heard about much cheaper treatment in eastern Europe, so I searched the Internet. After receiving information from a few dental practices, I chose Piestany Dental Clinic.
From the first advice I was given before any arrangements were made, I was extremely impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail from the staff at the clinic. I could not believe everything could run so smoothly! I arrived at about 10pm on a Friday night and there was someone to collect me at Bratislava airport. I was then taken directly to my apartment (a 45-minute drive). The following morning I was collected for an 8.30am appointment and taken to the surgery. I had expected to have a meeting witn Dr Marek, then return that afternoon for my treatment.
I was pleasantly surprised when, after a short consultation with Dr Marek, he was able to tell me exactly how he would be able to help me. Within half an hour I was in the chair having two implants. I was equally impressed with the surgery, which was performed under hospital standard hygienic conditions. After my surgery I was driven back to my apartment, then when I was due to go home, I was collected in plenty of time to catch my flight back to London.
As my implants were in my upper jaw, I had to wait six months for them to heal, after which time I made two further visits to Piestany to have impressions taken and preparation for the three crowns I was to have. I can say with all honesty, during the whole of my treatment I felt absolutely no pain and the organisation of the clinic was excellent. Everything went as planned with not a single hitch.
I am extremely pleased with the outcome and am truly totally pleased with my new smile. On top of all this, when I take into account three trips to Slovakia by air, accommodation, two dental implants, three dental crowns, plus a visit to the clinic’s hygienist, I still paid only 25% of the cost I would have had to pay in England for two implants and three crowns. I am therefore a totally satisfied patient!”

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