Dental implants abroad – the costs and time involved


“Dear Daniel,

Thank you so much for your reply, my dental clinic has quoted full bottom jaw with 10 implants for £8750 pounds. But am now going to check what kind they are from the list you so kindly gave me in case they are the inferior ones.

At the moment I don’t have all the money saved but feel much clearer now on what I am aiming for.

Thank you so much again for your quick and professional response.

Kind regards


And here’s my written response:

“Dear Sarah,
If that’s an all-inclusive price, then that’s great, go for it. Here are 3 things that you might want to ask them:

1. Does the “all-inclusive price of 10 dental implants” include the bridgework / crowns and abutments? (personally I think that they are quoting for 10 implants, possibly without abutments, certainly without the bridgework / crowns)

2. What brand of implants are they using? (listen out for straumann, ankylos, branemark, nobel biocare – anything else is not work the risk) What is the bridgework / crowns made up of? (listen out for zirconia, procera and all-ceramic, not porcelain-fused).

3. How many visits are needed?

I hope that the above information will help you make an informed decision about your dental treatment.



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