Time to get rid of your false teeth dentures!

No one should have to go through the discomfort and hassle of having a denture. Dentures tend to fall out often, especially in the most inappropriate moments. If you have to wear a denture you surely know how it feels when you are not able to laugh, smile and eat as you would like to. Better not to speak about the necessity of taking the denture out for night, every night.

All-On-4 – the solution to replacing all of your teeth abroad

The solution for all these problems is ALL ON 4 PROCEDURE – a full ceramic bridge fixed on dental implants. Our experienced dental surgeon painlessly fits 4 to 6 dental implants to the patient´s jaw so they can support new teeth and give patient new comfort to his life – no more removable dentures!

Learn more about Janet and her radical change with dental implants.

Dental implants with Dental Holiday in beautiful spa city Piestany, Slovakia can really be a holiday. Just come and see how easy it is! Our english – speaking staff will help you get new smile you always wanted. Our head dentist Dr. Marek (Mark) is an expert in dental implantology and he performed this type of dental surgery on over 3500 patients since 2006.

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