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The Biggest Lies People Tell You About Dental Implants Abroad:

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The article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Salka (2nd February 2022)

Toothless grins from all around the world have a new best friend, as the full mouth reconstruction is now the gold standard in the replacement of missing teeth. If you don’t know already, the placement of multiple dental implants are a really popular dental treatment which allows you to laugh and eat like before.

Many patients have several fears connected to this dental treatment, for instance, dental implant success rates, dental implant prices, dental implant clinic expertise, etc. Moreover, they fear the length of the whole dental implant treatment process, which can take from 3 – 12 months with potentially multiple trips to the dentist or implantologist. In case you choose a dentist abroad for your dental implant treatment, it may cost you even more money and time.

Here’s the truth…

But we have great news for you. Thanks to the immediate loading method, you can have your new teeth within 48 hours.

When circumstances are right, the immediate implant placement and immediate implant loading system can be offered to all patients of our dental clinic in Slovakia. Thanks to this method, you can save your time and money. Furthermore, you can start to enjoy your new smile in a much shorter period of time.

Immediate dental implant placement

Immediate dental implant placement is a dental treatment when dental implants are placed at the same time as the natural teeth are extracted. Over the years, there have been many studies reporting high survival rates, but there are many factors which can influence the success rate, for instance – patient cooperation, dental implant quality, volume and quality of patient’s bone, etc.)

Immediate dental implant loading

According to preliminary studies based on old implant design, the dental implants should not be loaded immediately. Based on these documents, the dental implants need some time (3-12 months) to bond with bone. However, this leads to the situations, in which patients need to wait for a long time to get their dental treatment done. Moreover, during the healing period, they need to wear dentures or another dental replacement.

Nowadays, a different dental approach is starting to be used – immediate loading (otherwise known as immediate function). Dentists are able to attach the temporary crown or bridge within 48 hours of implant placement thanks to this innovative method. In doing so, it provides patients with an immediate aesthetic solution, and functional solution as well (for some time only limited functional solution).

Many patients find the time frame of 3- 12 months too long and uncomfortable and therefore this technique was developed. Patients were demanding faster time-to-teeth and quicker dental treatment.

Nevertheless, many studies have indicated that survival rates are very high – 97-100%, but the patient needs to be committed to follow very strict instructions and follow a soft diet.

What are the most important factors for immediate loading?

Once you decide on this dental treatment, surgical skill and technique are very important. Moreover, there are other important factors which can influence the outcome of the treatment.

  • Bone density and volume
  • Implant features
  • Implant’s initial stability
  • Patient habits

Bone density and volume

To ensure correct position and stability of the implant, adequate bone quality and quantity is needed. In some cases, when the bone needs to be augmented or it is too thin or lacks height, the implant placement is usually done on the next surgical procedure (when the bone is healed) in many dental clinics.

In Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday, we have special equipment and materials, which allows us to do it even if the bone graft is needed.

Dental Implant features

Nowadays, you can find many dental implant designs on the market. However, not every dental implant has the ability to support immediate loading. Here are some features supporting this method:

  • A tapered design
  • A surface treatment that increases surface area, promotes fast healing and increases bone-to-implant contact
  • Sharp threads at the apical aspect of the implant

A Dental Implant’s Initial stability

This factor is very essential for a dentist when making a decision about immediate loading. There are no scientifically approved documents which present the good stability parameter, but one commonly accepted is a placement torque of 35Ncm or higher.

To achieve this stability, dentists may be required to alter the standard drilling protocols. Moreover, they need to choose implants with a tapered shape and sharp thread designs.

Patient commitment

The bone quality and quality, right implant selection and dentist expertise are very crucial to ensure the success rate of the immediate loading. But it means nothing if the patient does not follow all the important dental instruction, for instance – patients need to maintain excellent oral hygiene, eat only soft foods or prevent harmful habits during the period of osseointegration (healing period).

Immediate loading for Dental Implants - Patient commitment is important
Source: Pixabay

If the patient cannot commit himself to all the instructions, the doctor should consider other alternative treatment options.

According to Dennis P. Tarnow, the Immediate Loading Concept represents the following advantages for patients, however, it continues to be the subject of clinical investigations:

• Patients don’t need to use a removable provisional prosthesis.

• Eliminates premature implant exposure often associated with wearing a removable denture during the healing period.

• it provides patients with an immediate aesthetic and functional solution (at the beginning only limited).

• Facilitates soft tissue shaping.

• Improves bone healing.

How To Enjoy The Everyday Activities As You Used To. In As Little As 48 Hours!

In Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday, you can have the full mouth reconstruction in 48 hours. We are using the immediate loading method and you can get your new smile in a very short time.

Even if you do not have enough bone, the dental implant surgery can be done the same day as the bone graft is made. In our clinic, we use special dental implants and materials, which are suitable for this. If you are interested in getting your dental implants in 48 hours, please contact us.


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