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“Now I can smile from ear to ear”

A photograph of patient´s teeth taken BEFORE the treatment
Patient’s teeth before treatment
A photograph of patient´s teeth taken AFTER the treatment
Patient’s teeth after treatment

If you have one or several teeth missing you surely know how much discomfort it can bring to one’s life. Missing teeth were causing trouble for our patient Mr Josef. He sent us an e-mail in July 2018 saying his biggest problem is his denture. Originally the denture was sitting on 7 of his teeth but as time went on his teeth chipped and broke down and the denture fell off. His wish was to remove all teeth roots remaining in his upper jaw and get a set of new teeth – dental implants.

Get rid of the denture as Alan did!

Dental treatment in Slovakia

At first, Dr Martin Kafka during the initial consultation confirmed that the All on 6 procedure for his upper jaw would be the best and most durable solution for Mr Josef’s dental problems. The patient booked an appointment with Dr Mark Salka for early September this year. The surgery began with 7 extractions of his teeth roots and continued with the implantation of six Neodent – Straumann dental implants.

The same day, we provided a temporary dental bridge to the patient. The provisional dental bridge serves as a denture during the healing period which usually takes 2-4 months.

You can have your new teeth in 4 months!

An X - ray taken BEFORE the treatment
X-ray taken before treatment
An X - ray taken DURING the treatment - temporary dental crowns
X-ray taken during treatment
An X - ray taken AFTER the treatment
X-ray taken after treatment

During the second visit, we took the impressions and sent them to our specialized dental lab. Thanks to these precisely taken impressions our dental technicians were able to prepare the final ceramic dental bridge for this patient. Josef wanted his new teeth to look as natural as possible. With the doctor’s advice, he picked the shape and colour of his new teeth and all he had to do at this stage was to wait 14 days. After two weeks his dental bridge for his upper jaw was ready.

Now Josef has 6 dental implants in his upper jaw supporting a 14 – point dental bridge. As Josef writes in a testimonial he left us after finishing the treatment, his life has changed and now he can smile from ear to ear.

The translation of Josef’s testimonial

The result is fantastic! The staff was highly professional during the whole time of the treatment. The procedure was done exactly as it was agreed on the first consultation. 

Smile Clinic is a very suitable name for the clinic. Now I can smile from ear to ear. My life has changed.

Thank you.”

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The article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Salka.