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Sinus Lift For Dental Implants – All You Need To Know

Article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Salka

22nd February 2019

One of the medical procedures you maybe didn’t think about as the part of dental implant treatment, is a Sinus Lift. As it is with any medical surgery, you should make sure that you understand all the treatment details and also you are aware of the potential threats.

We prepared this structured article where you can find all the most frequent questions and answers connected to sinus lift.

Why do I need a sinus lift?

Dental implant treatment success depends on the volume and quality of the bone. These 2 factors are very important because every dental implant needs to be placed into the bone and if it is not sufficient, it doesn’t provide the stability needed. In this case, the dental implant surgery may fail.

One of the most difficult areas to place the dental implant is the upper back jaw. This is because of the insufficient bone volume and density and the close proximity to the sinus area. It may happen that some dental patients do not have enough bone due to periodontal disease or tooth loss.

The sinus lift is then an effective solution for this health issue. By sinus lift surgery, the sinus floor is raised and the bone is augmented to provide a stable environment for the dental implant.

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What is a sinus lift?

A sinus lift or sinus augmentation is a dental surgery, where the surgeon adds bone to your upper jaw in the area of molars and premolars. The bone or synthetic material is added between your jaw and the maxillary sinuses, which are on either side of your nose. The sinus membrane has to be lifted in order to make space for new bone.

Who is doing this dental procedure?

This dental treatment needs to be done a dental specialist – either an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or a periodontist.

When is a sinus lift necessary?

A sinus lift is necessary when there is the bone quantity and quality is not sufficient in the upper jaw or when the sinuses are too close to the jaw. If there is not enough bone and implant doesn’t have a strong and stable environment, the whole surgery can fail.

Sinus Lift – Before and After, Source:

When does the patient usually need to have this surgery?

  • Patients who have lost teeth from their upper jaw (the back teeth or molars) do not have enough bone.
  • The maxillary sinus may be too close to the upper jaw and there is not enough bone to place the dental implant. The shape and size of the sinus are different from person to person.
  • The bone loss because of the gum disease.
  • Bone loss due to tooth loss (the bone is back into the body).

How does the sinus lift treatment look like?

At the very beginning, you will need to have several scans (X-ray, CT, etc.) before the surgery so the dentist can understand your anatomy and to see where is your health issue. He needs to see the height and width of your bone.

There are different materials used for sinus lift – bone from your own body or from a donor. Moreover, the material used by this procedure may come from cow bone. If the bone comes from your own body (bigger sample), you may need to have another surgery.

During the procedure, the surgeon will cut the gum tissues in the area where your back teeth used to be. Later on, a small, oval window is opened in the bone. The membrane, which is lining the sinus is gently pushed up and away from your jaw.

Furthermore, granules of bone-graft materials are put into the place where the sinus was. The amount of bone used in the treatment may vary from patient to patient. When the bone is placed in this area, the tissue is closed with stitches.

What should I do after the treatment?

After the procedure, some patients report having some swelling of the area and experience bleeding from the mouth or nose. Most patients only have little discomfort during this recovery. Your dentist may prescribe you some medicaments in order to prevent congestion and inflammation.

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