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Dental Implants at Smile Clinic in Slovakia – Everything you need to know

Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday is Europe’s only internationally accredited award-winning dental clinic that focuses solely on full mouth reconstruction and smile makeovers through crowns and dental implants.

In this article, we would like to answer a lot of questions that you have about the dental treatment guarantee, the time involved, dental treatment costs, where to stay, how to get to us,  and what happens if something goes wrong after having your dental treatment abroad.

See here if you can find an answer to your question. If not, you can contact us at any time. Our expert dental assistant team is available constantly and if it’s evening, a weekend or a national holiday, you will still have a response within 24 hours.

How do I get to Dental Holiday in Slovakia?

You would most likely take a Ryanair or Wizzair or other low-cost cheap flights direct to Slovakia.  You can fly from Luton, Stansted, Manchester, Edinburgh, Leeds Bradford and Birmingham.

If there’s no direct flight direct to Bratislava Airport, feel free to find a flight to Vienna Airport. We offer a FREE pick-up service from both Vienna and Bratislava airports. Don’t worry, they are very close to each other and the journey time to the clinic is somewhere between 20 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the level of traffic. Our complimentary chauffeur will also take you back to the airport from your accommodation with you or partner, friend or family, entirely FREE of charge.

What’s included in the cost of my dental treatment abroad?

To keep things simple, all our prices are fully inclusive which means that everything from this list is included:

  • – temporary abutment
  • – temporary bridge work
  • – veneers
  • – crowns
  • – anaesthesia
  • – X-ray
  • – OPG
  • – CT scan
  • – cup of tea
  • – FREE airport transport
  • – Help with booking your accommodation

How can I pay for my dental treatment abroad?

Typically, 60% of the treatment fee needs to be paid on your first visit.

This means that 60% is paid after your 1st consultation at the clinic and you agree to go ahead with your chosen treatment plan and the remaining 40% is split across visits 2 or 3 if needed.

Ways to pay for your dental implant treatment

There are many ways you can pay in Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday Slovakia:

  • – Direct bank transfer
  • – Transferwise
  • – Credit & debit card
  • – Cash

Prices are in pounds to make it easier for you to understand the exact price you are paying for the treatment.

Your 1st visit to Dental Holiday – Smile Clinic Slovakia

Many patients ask what’s going to happen on that first visit. Once you arrive with our driver, he takes you to your accommodation if you arrive late at night, or directly to the clinic if you arrive during the day. You’ll meet our staff and our treatment coordinators.

Our dental team will be looking after you during your treatment journey and you will have most certainly an X-ray or OPG or CT scan. Later on, it will then be submitted to our senior doctors so that they can invite you for our treatment session.

After the treatment consultation, if you’re ready to go ahead, as 99% of our patients are directly on that visit, we can usually start with the first part of treatment to save your time.

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How to book my appointment with Smile Clinic Slovakia?

To book a date in our clinic, please visit our website.

We choose our patients very carefully and it may happen that we will say that you’re not a suitable patient for us during the initial phone calls, emails or chats with our clinic when you inquire about a potential appointment with us. We really do want to create life-changing dentistry and make sure that our dental cases are chosen as such because we have a very fully booked schedule.

So please check the dates that you’d like to come with our team so we can check it against our calendar. You can see the list of fully booked dates available in our help desk which I hope you visited.

Accommodation during my stay in Slovakia

You may be thinking about where can you stay during your treatment. We can help arrange local accommodation for you. We have our own apartments next to our Piešťany clinic which cost 35 euros per night. They are in the city centre and also within walking distance from the clinic.

If you prefer a hotel we can advise you on which ones are suitable in the local area.

What’s my guarantee for my dental treatment abroad?

What happens if something goes wrong and what’s the guarantee? All cases that we do with the dental implants are fully guaranteed for life. That means that we will repair and replace those implants they ever fail at any time.

 With crowns bridge work there’s a 5-year guarantee. You will have the original guarantee that you will sign in and you will be able to take it with you.

The only thing we ask is that you have a regular hygiene session every six months and a regular dental check-up. It can be done at your own home clinic. It doesn’t have to be done with us but many patients love our clinic after they’ve been here and they returned to us year after year for hygiene session or a checkup session. A checkup session is always free of charge with us, of course.

We’re very much focused on producing the best results for our patients. We will ask you after your treatment session to help us help you more by following up with you by SMS – two weeks, two months, one year after the treatment, so we can get track of the actual outcome of your treatments. We want to make sure, that you can smile confidently or you don’t have treatment-related pain. This is a real outcome for us we want to make sure that you for the rest of your life are satisfied with the work that you have done in Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday Slovakia.

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What happens if my dental implant comes loose?

Imagine, that your dental implants have come loose. Now, this is a very scary thing. In the majority of cases (93% currently), that we’ve treated over the past ten years, the dental implant has not come loose.  Instead, we find that the little abutment screw has come loose in 3-4% of all our dental implant cases. The abutment is a connector between the dental implants and the crowns. Sometimes this connection gets slightly loose over time. It’s a very simple solution to actually fix it. You can visit a local dental implantology clinic so they can fix this.

I have a throbbing pain after having dental implant treatment

You went home and you’ve got a throbbing pain that’s going on for week two weeks after dental implants. It’s not sharp but it feels hot and it feels like you know there’s some swelling around it. It could be an infection. You should go now directly to your local doctor or dentist to get antibiotics prescribed and ideally have an x-ray done so that we can see and make sure that there’s no bone loss.

Send us your x-ray and if we feel that it is something more serious we’ll ask you to return straightaway to have the implant replaced. Or hopefully, it can be saved simply by taking the antibiotics.

I have sharp pain after having dental implant treatment

If you returned home and you have sharp pain when you eat or when you wake up in the morning and other times it’s fine,  this is not usually anything to do with infection. 

The most common case here is that the crown that was done is slightly too high and what you need to do here is visit a local dentist or you can check it by simply bite on a piece of paper to see the impression of the teeth.  If you feel this kind of pain, it needs to be done quickly because if you leave it for a few weeks it can aggregate the nerve under the tooth and you may have further problems with that.

How does the process of dental implant treatment look like (All-on-4, All-on-6)?

During the dental implant process, we’re going to replace the whole jaw and something that we call all on 4, 6 or 8 implants. The more implants are used, the more stability is created. You may also need sinus lift or bone graft if you do not have enough bone in a certain part of your jaw. This is done by placing special material in your socket to create a stable environment for dental implants.

Dental implants are then symmetrically placed in the mouth. Your dental implantologist will decide if you can have the bridge work done on the same day, or you should come in 3 months or more.

When could a single dental implant treatment be the right choice for you?

Single dental implants are often used to replace a missing tooth. In this case, it is typical to place a single dental implant, abutment and a crown. Many patients ask us, why they cannot just replace missing teeth with a tooth crown or teeth bridge, because they think it is a cheaper and faster that way. However, where there is a missing tooth, the surrounding jawbone often starts to disintegrate and teeth on both sides start to fall into that gap. 

Once you want to have dental implants in the future and you have bone loss, the dental treatment will be more expensive and it will also last longer.

When is the dental implant treatment the right choice for you?

If you’re an older lady or older gentleman, you don’t want to have a sunken face (like a witch). This is happening when patients are missing teeth or they are wearing a denture.

Thanks to dental implants, you will get an instant facelift and get the chin back to its a natural position. Moreover, you will be fully confident to smile and eat.

What are veneers & crowns made of?

Veneers and crowns are made from all ceramic and all ceramic or porcelain material which we call emaxs or zirconia. This means that there’s no metal inside the crown like the old NHS crowns and if you look at some elderly patients or patients who haven’t had dental treatment done for a while you can see a grey line grain-rich against the gum line. In this way,  you know that they’ve got a metal base crown. With emax or zirconia, you get exactly the opposite – natural colour of teeth.

Why should you choose Smile Clinic?

Why should you choose our clinic? First of all, we have our own lab which helps us to provide and adjust crowns or veneers exactly right there at the moment. We also have the latest digital technology. We use CT scans for all our cases to ensure that we have all the details needed. Moreover, we’re working with the top level of talent and technology. We use some types of methods that are not yet available in other parts of the world because we have highly skilled specialists who have already successfully finished many full mouth reconstructions.

What will happen after I booked an appointment?

You will get a detailed confirmation email which explains what to expect and feel free to watch some of the videos or read some articles to help you understand what to expect.

If it’s summer you can expect it to be hot. During the winter you can expect it will be cold. But you can always be sure that you’ll have a delightful experience with the Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday in Slovakia.

Dental Implants (All on 4): How long should I stay during my 1st session?

We advise all dental implant patients on their first session to come for at least 3-5 days. Ideally, you would come for a day when you can have a consultation session an x-ray session with our clinic staff so that we can start with doing dental impressions the next day or even on the same day.

After your check-up session, you will have the dental implant surgery. We will provide you with temporary fixtures exactly at that moment. We also advise you to stay a day after treatment to ensure that we can check up on you – if you don’t have extra swelling, no extra bleeding and any additional questions.

Any extra costs to think about when having dental treatment with Smile Clinic Slovakia?

There are really no hidden costs. Many clinics will send you a quotation and then they will not put in everything that you will pay for. We want to be transparent!

The price is higher only if you are a specific dental implant case which requires more time or special material (i.e. bone graft or sinus lift).  

In Slovakia, you can expect to pay 5-8 euro per meal and drink, to get accommodation for 35 euros per night if it’s a local apartment. If you choose flat in Bratislava centre it could be around 50 euros per night. For local hotels, you can expect to pay anything from 80 – 100 euros per night.

What is the difference between our dental clinics in Bratislava and Piešťany?

Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday covers – two clinics. One is in Bratislava city centre and it’s focused on slightly smaller surgery and implants cases. It is located in the centre, only 20 minutes from the airport, five minutes from all the shops and the river Danube.

Our second clinic is located in beautiful city Pieštany. It is located around 40 minutes drive from the airport. It’s a very quiet relaxing town with an island spa district great for relaxing.

Prices are cheaper than in Bratislava. Our new state-of-the-art clinic there is much bigger (almost 3000-meter square) and it includes our labs. We have our own car park, there we have areas of relaxation, we have VIP waiting rooms, etc.  If you are going for full mouth reconstruction,  this is the best option for you, because we have here, so we can work quickly and we can solve any problems faster.

Why won’t we go ahead with your dental treatment?

You might be dismayed that we are not going ahead with your dental treatments. We choose all our cases carefully because we want to make a dramatic transformation. We focus mainly on a full arch reconstruction with crowns and dental implants. We do not usually do veneer or filling or whitening.

If you are interested in full mouth reconstruction or dental implants treatment, please, feel free to contact us anytime.