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Luke doesn’t have to hide his smile anymore

Lukas after the treatment with Smile Clinic

At Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday, we offer pain-free dentistry for all our patients. Recently we had a patient – young Luke, come to our Bratislava clinic and was hoping for a miracle. He hasn’t been in the dentist’s chair for more than 7 years, and his teeth are in bad condition. In his mid-thirties, he had only 5 damaged remains of lower teeth. As you can see in his 1st X-ray, his upper jaw also needed major dental treatment.

X ray of Luke’s teeth before treatment

Luke had his initial consultation appointment in August 2018. Dr Martin from Smile Clinic Bratislava made a treatment plan for him: 12 dental implants, gum recounting, sinus lift, and 16 dental crowns. Also, three of his teeth needed root canal treatment.

Lukas booked his surgery appointment for early September 2018. Our dental surgeon and implantologist Dr. Martin started the treatment with an extraction of his tooth n. 27 (UL7) from his upper jaw. He made a sinus lift and started the upper jaw implantation – the doctor put in implants number 12, 22, 24, 26 and 27. His lower jaw needed gum re-contouring and 7 dental implants (47, 46, 44, 34, 36, 37, 32). On the same day as the surgery, we made custom-made provisional implant abutments for Lukas. They keep fresh implants safe in place and help with healing. Root canal treatments were done several days after the implantation.

Before treatment started

Strength, reliability and highly aesthetic and natural looking result with dental implants and dental crowns

After treatment is complete

Dental implants provide solid compensation for an inconvenient or incomplete set of teeth. Dental implants can help when the patient has only one tooth missing and when there are no teeth left in the upper or lower jaw.

We continued with the treatment for 4,5 months after the implantation. This time was needed to get Lukas’ implants to heal completely. We prepared Lukas’ natural teeth for dental crowns on this visit, and the doctor took the impressions. Thanks to the impressions, our dental technicians were able to prepare Luke’s final dental crowns. Our dental laboratory is located directly in our Piešťany clinic, so dental technicians and doctors can collaborate to achieve perfect results for every patient.

Patient X-ray is taken AFTER we finished the treatment

In 2 weeks, all dental crowns were ready to fit. Lukas left our clinic on Valentine’s day with a brand new smile that he doesn’t have to hide anymore. A natural-looking smile is now achievable for every patient. You can contact us directly here, and we will welcome you happily to our clinic.

Here you can find a hand-written testimonial that Lukas wrote after we completed the treatment:

Big thank you, nice people.

Article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Salka “