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“You made my biggest dream come true!”

Amazing results with dental implants and dental crowns

Smile Clinic, thank you very much for the most perfect smile you gave me,” said Miss Alena after we finished her treatment – and we can give a perfect smile to you too!

It was only 5 days before her 27th birthday when we met Miss Alena for the first time. Due to health problems she had earlier, her teeth were in bad condition – it’s a miracle she had no pain caused by them. During the initial no-pressure consultation appointment, Dr. Robert from Smile Clinic Piešťany prepared a treatment plan for the patient. This treatment plan lead to a big reconstruction of Alena’s smile.

Alena’s dental implant treatment plan contained:

  • 4 Straumann Neodent dental implants (UR 5, LL 6, LR 5 and LR 7)
  • 5 extractions of unsalvageable teeth (UR 5, LL 6, LR 5, LR 6 and LR 7)
  • 4 teeth got root canal treatments to preserve them
  • 11 dental crowns for her upper jaw
  • 13 dental crowns for her lower jaw
  • 3 white fillings

Learn more about Dental Implants Treatment in Slovakia (video blog post).

Ali’s teeth before and after

Ali booked an appointment for her dental implants in four weeks after her consultation. The surgery took about 2 hours and 4 dental implants were successfully embedded in her jaw. After the implantation, she went home and came back as soon as her implants were securely healed. The healing period is individual for each patient. It usually takes 2 – 4 months. All patients are provided with temporary healing caps free of charge.

During her next few visits we did root canal treatments, teeth reshaping as preparation for dental crowns treatment, impression taking and finally – final fitting.

Young Alena looks like a different person now. Beautiful and healthy teeth can help you make a huge step forward to a better life.

Alena’s testimonial

Miss Ali left us this pleasant review at the end of her fitting appoitment. Original is in slovak language.

Good morning, dear Smile Clinic,

thank you very much for the most perfect smile you gave me. You work very precisely and impeccably. A big thank you belongs to Dr. Robert Mikulas and whole stomatological team including the dental technicians in the lab. You made my biggest life-long dream of having a Hollywood smile come true.

You are the best!

Best regards,


Article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Salka “