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Dental Technicians

Smile Clinic - Dental Holiday Lab Technicians
Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday Lab Technicians

Our dental laboratory is located inside the Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday office in spa Piešťany, Slovakia. The dental technicians team consists of six crew members who work daily to produce new crowns and other dental compensation with a specific approach based on flawless communication between the dentist and patient and between dentists and dental technician. The lab use the highest quality materials and technologies such as CEREC and CAD-CAM.

Headed by Martin Studeny, there are four technicians- a digital technician, and lab manager providing immediate lab expertise for our dentists and specialists plus our support staff assisting them in creating a fast and efficient dental treatment for our patients. X-rays, crowns (caps) and bridges are completed on-site for the best possible advantage of the patient and dentist. Any adjustments are made quickly and therefore the patient doesn’t have to continue to come to the clinic for multiple visits which saves time and money for the patient.

Offering onsite lab technicians and services is just one way in which your dental treatment abroad at Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday provides better dental treatment for you as a patient.

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