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Dental Treatment Abroad

Dental tourism – travelling abroad for dental or dental treatment – is becoming more and more common for people in the UK. The reduction in NHS dental services is encouraging people to look overseas to countries such as Slovakia, Hungary and Poland for savings on expensive cosmetic dentistry treatments such as dental implants, crowns, bridges and veneers.

But, for the patient considering dental treatment abroad, there are many concerns. What are the conditions like in this dental clinic abroad for example? Is the dentist suitably qualified? Will I get the best deal? What questions should I ask about the treatment?

This page will attempt to answer those questions and guides the patient through the dental tourism process. It has been developed through the years of experience that I have gained through operating this Dental Holiday web site and creating a private cosmetic dental clinic for UK clients, abroad.

Is Dental Treatment Abroad for you?

“Dental Holiday”, as it is now known, is a growing industry and more and more countries are jumping on the bandwagon to offer people competitively priced cosmetic and general dentistry abroad.

The reasons for choosing to travel abroad for dental treatment are different for everyone but with lengthy NHS waits and ridiculously high UK private dental charges there is little wonder that a growing number of Brits are taking advantage of affordable, high quality private dental care abroad, and combining it with a relaxing holiday in a central European spa town and saving thousands of pounds compared with having the treatment done privately in the UK (flights from Manchester, Birmingham, London, Bristol, East Midlands, Edinburgh, Dublin, Cork

European countries like Slovakia, Hungary and Poland are offering excellent cosmetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery treatments for reasonable prices, and are only a short flight from the UK. (1 and a half hours flight time).

What to Consider?

Find out as much as possible about the procedure you are interested in by clicking on the page headings above – implants, crowns or veneers – an informed patient is more able to make an informed decision. With cosmetic dentistry different techniques and materials may be used for different procedures, so check out the various methods and high quality materials used by Piestany Dental Clinic. It is also a good idea to read some of the patient stories on the web site for an insight into other people’s experiences.

Will you have to go alone, or will a close friend/member of the family be able to accompany you? Try to be as flexible with your schedule as you can as an overnight stay is always recommended.

However tantalising the prospect of cosmetic dentistry in an exotic country like India or Africa sounds, don’t let the allure of a holiday in an exciting destination become more important than the reputation of the dental treatment in that particular country.

Having dental treatment closer to home can be advantageous. If you decide to return for further treatment or if it is necessary to go back for follow ups – it will be much cheaper and easier to do this in central Europe than a far flung destination.

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