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Why travel for dental treatment?

While increasingly popular, travelling abroad for dental treatment is still a fairly new concept to a lot of us from the UK, and those looking into dental tourism inherently have a variety of concerns. This post addresses some of the common concerns that patients have about dental treatment abroad:

A. The security of Travelling to Slovakia – Travelling to central Europe can be an intimidating process for many individuals. But all are pleasantly surprised when they get here. Crime is not an issue here, and the people are laid back and helpful.

B. Cost of Bringing a Friend or Family Member – Travelling with a friend or family member is highly recommended when travelling for a procedure like implants for example. Even with the extra cost of another person, patients still save a significant amount of money.

C. Finding a specialized dental clinic – For many patients, figuring out where to go for dental treatment can be difficult. Our clinic is an accredited British clinic abroad specializing in dental implants, crowns, bridges, root canals and smile design.

D. Complications upon Return – One worry that many patients have is dealing with complications after returning to the UK. IN the unlikely case, you simply return to clinic on a low cost 1-2 hour flight and we will do the dental work under your guarantee, free of charge.

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