Treatment for UK patients

Here’s a round up of the months news on dental treatment abroad:

Irish dentists are concerned about overseas dental care:

I think this is a PR stunt because most UK dentists are bitter that they will be on lower wages soon for sure. IDA president, Dr Donal Blackwell, said common problems included too much dental work being done over too short a time frame (but why do UK dentists give just 15 minute slots?), unnecessary work being done (patients should always be shown their x-ray beforehand and have a no-pressure consultation) and poor materials being used by dentists abroad. (Most dentists in central Europe have far better technology than the majority of UK clinics, just look at their websites to see).

It is estimated as many as 44 per cent of people travelling abroad for dental treatment actually do not know what they need when they inquire about costs:

I agree with this statement, but if the patient is already considering going abroad for dental treatment, then it is most likely to save costs, these include the “big” items such a multiple white fillings / metal filling replacements, multiple root canals, all ceramic crowns, veneers and dental implants. 98% of our patients will have one or a combination of these treatments, and for all of these treatments I can quote through email exactly how much it will cost and if we are provided with a photograph or x-ray too, we’ll know exactly what’s needed.

A Lincolnshire Man travels 220 miles to see an NHS dentist

Alan Long is now paying £39 for the trip to london (a cheap flight to a clinic abroad can be cheaper than that) to solve his toothache. Apparently he can’t get a local NHS dentist.

Five dentists earned €300,000 each in fees from taxpayers in Ireland.

The State payouts to 805 dentists exceeded €59m in total – despite claims by dentists, in recent years, that the scheme did not pay enough!

Another 20 dentists earned over €200,000 in gross payments, according to Health Service Executive figures obtained by the Irish Independent.


There’s a certain disbelief in hearing dentists complaining that they’re spending a lot of time repairing what they call poor dental work which was done abroad on the cheap.

Without those fancy cosmetic dentistry treatment they’ve all been pushing over the last few years, they’d be better off considering the reasons people travel abroad for ordinary crowns and bridges in the first place: price.

Most of our patients have no problem going abroad to get a new smile. Not only do they save thousands, but the work quality is second to none.

They tell me that they got charged €100 for initial X-rays and scans which are always free in our clinic – what’s that about?

People might be over-enthusiastic in getting too much work done at once, say the experts, especially when they’re in far flung locations. But the customers know one thing…

They’ve never met a poor dentist in Ireland.

Unfair NHS dental payments

The apparent dissimilarity in price for UDAs across the country has caused concern, with one UDA in Westminster being found to cost around £20.19 – £105.58, while in Sandwell, a fairly disadvantaged area in the West Midlands, it is £11.08 – £45.83.

It must be hugely frustrating for many UK dentists to know that others just down the road are being paid so much more for doing very similar work.

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