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8 reasons for dental treatment abroad

Even though we believe that our dental clinic and website has a great name, the fact is that no-one wakes up in the morning wanting to go on a “dental holiday” until it’s their 2nd journey to us 😉

Being the patient manager at our UK dental clinic abroad for over 5 years now has opened my eyes to the fact that it’s not just the cost, guarantee or time savings that makes people travel from the UK to Slovakia to have their dental treatment with us.

Instead it’s more likely to be an important event (good or bad) that’s happening in their lives. Here’s a list of the most popular reasons that we’ve gather from our UK patients over the years:

Top 8 jaw-dropping reasons why people chose to have their dental treatment done:

  1. In 1 out of 3 cases a marital or relationship separation
  2. Getting ready for their daughters / sons wedding
  3. Going to their daughters / sons graduation ceremony
  4. Having a major wedding anniversary
  5. Leaving one job – going to another
  6. An inheritance or sale of business
  7. A couple of years before expected retirement
  8. A couple of years after the birth of a grandchild

Almost without exception the majority of our dental patients from the UK first find us on the internet or through a family member or friend at the time when they are facing one of the above events. And boy, do we love to hear the story that follows!

It makes what we are trying to achieve here worthwhile and not just about providing excellent dentistry. Instead, it’s really knowing that we’ve helped each UK dental patient face that major life event with the best smile possible.

Why are you looking to have your dental treatment abroad apart from the cost savings factor?

Feel free to lets us know here below, via email or when we meet in person here in the dental surgery abroad, we’d love to hear your story too.

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