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Dental Treatment Abroad Statistics

dental treatment abroad statistics

Where do patients from the UK go when seeking dental treatment abroad?

dental treatment abroad statistics

Towards the end of each year, I aim to put together a report for our dental clinic abroad team, helping us to review our dentistry service, it’s dentistry prices, our offers, and our overall market share. Here are some dental treatment abroad statistics.

Other dental treatment abroad providers in other central European dental clinics such as those in Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic have stated an interest in this report during earlier years.

I feel that this information is great too for those from the UK seeking out better, faster and cheaper dental treatment abroad.

Here’s the statistical information I have so far from last years enquiries for Dental Treatment Abroad broken down into Country sections, kindly provided by our friends at treatment abroad.

Dental treatment abroad enquiries by country last year (2010):

  • Hungary (Hungarian dental clinics) 15.58%
  • Spain (Spanish dental clinics) 13.85
  • Poland  (Polish dental clinics) 13.47
  • Turkey ( Turkish dental clinics) 7.94
  • Germany  (German dental clinics) 7.89
  • Italy (Italian dental clinics) 6.83
  • Croatia (Croatian dental clinics) 5.96
  • Thailand (Thai dental clinics) 5.82
  • Slovak Republic (Slovak dental clinics) 4.28
  • India (Indian dental clinics) 4.28
  • Malta (Maltese dental clinics) 3.56
  • Czech Republic (Czech dental clinics) 2.41
  • Greece (Greek dental clinics) 1.73
  • Macedonia (Macedonian dental clinics) 1.35
  • Slovenia (Slovenian dental clinics) 1.20
  • Costa Rica (Costa rican dental clinics) 0.14
  • Cyprus (Cyprian dental clinics) 1.06
  • Lithuania (Lithuanian dental clinics) 1.01
  • Peru (Persian dental clinics) 0.63
  • Mauritius (Mauritian dental clinics) 0.53
  • Switzerland (Swiss dental clinics) 0.43
  • Mexico (Mexican dental clinics) 0.05

Total 100

It’s a generally accepted fact at the medical tourism conferences that I often attend or speak at, that the majority of UK dental seekers go to central Europe for their dental care, simply because it’s closer to home, under EU law and easily accessible with flights such as Ryanair.

Those from the US, generally go to Mexico for their dental treatment, and those from Australia usually go to Thailand. Dental Tourism is a worldwide phenomenon!

Is there anything more you’d like to know about the trends behind the UK’s current migration to dental treatment abroad? If so, please let me know in the comments below…

2 thoughts on “Dental Treatment Abroad Statistics”

  1. Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am a Greek Dentist working in UK the last 8 years. I am planning to built -up my practice in Crete soon and I am working on Dental tourism.
    I will be more than gratefull If could send me some information or If it is possible to arrange a meeting with you and ask you some questions

    Yours sincerely,

    Georgios Kallivretakis DDS, MSc

    • Dear Dr. Kallivretakis,
      Certainly I would be happy to help you any way I can. However, this site is designed to help patients in choosing the right dental clinic abroad, so I’ll be sending you an email directly from “medbeaver” the company that I am involved in that helps clinics like yours.


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