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What does a dental treatment manager do?

Natalia Drgová - dipl.d.h. - Clinic Manager
Natália Drgová – dipl.d.h. – Clinic Manager

What does a dental treatment manager do? And why is it important for Dental Holiday?  Natália Drgová is Dental Holiday’s treatment manager and her primary responsibility is to look at dental treatment from the client’s perspective. The dental treatment manager evaluates the client’s treatment and the whole dental experience according to their needs and not just the needs of the clinic. This builds a higher level of trust for the dentist and clinic prior to the beginning of any treatment when the prospective client becomes a patient.

Natália  is the first person to speak with any potential Dental Holiday client and offer the services of the clinic to meet the specific needs and wishes of the patient. This first point of contact to the clinic is critical. We know that many patients will make a determination not only on a quoted price for dental treatment, but whether or not they feel comfortable in their first contact with the clinic. Making the decision to have dental treatment is for many people, a fearful choice. Some people have painful memories in the dentist chair and put off treatment until it is more painful to not have the dental treatment. Therefore, a calm, friendly and knowledgeable person on the other end of the phone or in the clinic office is a welcome relief.

Natália will provide you with various options and answers any questions you may have regarding treatment. It is important the treatment manager is knowledgeable in dental treatment services so previous background, for example as a hygienist, is quite helpful as well as experience in customer service.

Natalia Drgova has worked for prestige dental clinic on Harley street in the UK and understands many aspects of dental treatment.

Natália Drgová is fully qualified dental hygienist  and as the treatment manager Natália makes sure you have a complete understanding of your treatment; the basic treatment plan, possible complications, scheduling dates/times and an all inclusive price quote. The treatment plan is developed by Natália and you, the client. If you agree with the plan, the next step is to arrange a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Marek. You need to give Natália a complete medical history to provide to Dr. Marek before the first visit.

At the consultation, Dr. Marek will explain the details of treatment, possibly providing other options depending on the discussion of treatment and any price guidelines, plus he will most likely require a set of CT scans and/or X-rays.

Once the treatment plan is agreed to by you and Dr. Marek, Natália will schedule you for your first treatment and advise all other staff; receptionist, and other surgical staff, when you will arrive for your first and subsequent treatments (if there is more than one treatment).

Natália will meet you on your first visit and be visible throughout the treatment process ensuring you are comfortable and satisfied with the treatment, and clinic processes.

Natália supplies the receptionist, dental nurses and most importantly Dr. Marek all the necessary information and medical history from you. This enables the dental staff to concentrate on providing the best dental care possible to you. It also defines the relationships within the clinic giving the you a track to follow through your dental treatment process.

If there are several treatments as is the case for many cosmetic type procedures; dental implants, crowns/bridges and veneers,  Natália Drgova will be there for you to discuss all treatment options.

A good  relationship  between a patient and clinic manager can make the difference between only a fair experience and a fantastic dental encounter you will speak about to friends and family. And, at the end of the day your beautiful smile is what Dental Holiday is all about!

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