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Happy dental patient

dentistry abroad reviews

Everyone at home and all my friends are admiring the dental work carried out by Dr.Marek and I am certain that you will receive many inquiries from them as a result. Having now seen the dental work the doubters among them now seem happy to travel to Piestany and have dental treatment themselves.
The friendliness of you all and the general welcome I received right from being met at the airport, throughout the dental treatment, the contact by your mobile phones, taking to and being picked up at the hotel, the meal with Daniel at the restaurant and finally the drives back to the airport, I cannot speak highly enough about!

My time in Piestany was very enjoyable and I look forward to coming back and meeting you all again as and when I may need further dental work.

Please give my kindest regards to Dr.Marek and Daniel and my many thanks for the dental work carried out and of course to yourself for such a warm welcome and teaching me a few words of Slovak.”


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