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Dentistry abroad isn’t complicated at all

Hand written patient testimonial
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Chris contacted us at Dental Holiday early this year with his digital dental OPG X-ray and a few pictures of his teeth taken on his mobile phone.

According to the treatment plan done by his dentist in London,  I sent him our revised and time saving treatment plan including our prices and number of visits needed.

Chris said that he was amazed by the professionality of the emails he received, not just the money and the time he could save, so he booked flights to us in Bratislava straight away.

Travelling to Slovakia to have your teeth fixed seems to be complicated but it is not. All the staff go out their way to be helpful, from pick up at the airport  to having the dental work done. The Dentist is excellent and I am happy to recommend Dental Holiday to you a really professional team in excellent surroundings.”

I have added a photo here with Chris after his dental treatment with Dental Holiday to give you some idea of just how happy he was to get his smile back again!

Chris after his treatment at Dental Holiday
Chris after his treatment at Dental Holiday

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