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“You made me feel a part of the process”

Many patients give Dental Holiday a 10-out-of-10 review, but Dave took the time to write an email to Natalia, our treatment coordinator, praising his dentistry abroad search success story. Dave’s cosmetic treatment of dental implants and crowns started in April and finished in September.

Dave's after treatment smile
Dave’s after treatment smile

Dear Natalia,

What a find!

I know that I have already told you but I wanted to confirm in writing that finding Dental Holiday was one of the best things that I have ever searched on the Internet.

I was so unhappy when I came back from Hungary as it felt like a Time Share Hard Sell.  The after care was non existent compared to here which started before I got to start the treatment. From the moment I was picked up by Daniel at the airport I knew it was going to be OK. He is such a lovely guy and could not do enough for me despite me booking a hotel as far as i could from the clinic. I am sorry I have always had to look after myself and am not use to people spoiling me.

Natalia you and Monica are totally lovely people, who could ask for more so caring and again I cannot thank you both enough.

The dental staff and both the doctors- I can’t thank you enough- I actually felt important.  I have so much confidence in Dr. Salka, you really made me feel part of the process and you are better than any of the so called professionals I have met in the past, thank you. And as for Daniel, you may be young, but you are so professional and so approachable and funny,  you are totally such a lovely and genuine person.  Thanks to all the other staff too such a great team of people and as good as everyone else at Dental Holiday.

I have never been able to smile or be proud of my teeth, but hopefully you can change this.


Dental Holiday is located in the spa district of Piestany, with our free transfer from Bratislava airport and a cheap, quick trip (faster than driving into London) from most UK airports. If you are interested in finding the right dental clinic abroad for you, check us out and get a free quote here today.

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