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Dentists and Specialists

At Smile Clinic Slovakia we are very fortunate to have the combined experience of over 150 years and approximately 35,000 patient treatments between the best dentists and specialists serving patients in Slovakia today.

We created this page so that you can get to know the medical team a little more ahead of your visit, and to assure you that you will be in the very best hands.

MUDr. Marek (Mark) Salka - Head Dentist
MuDr. Marek Salka

Dr. Marek (Mark) Salka

Dr. Mark is an expert dentist with over 14 years of experience in Slovakia and abroad. He has been leading Smile Clinic Slovakia – Dental Holiday dentists and specialists since 2006. At present, he concentrates mainly on implantology and cosmetic dentistry. Thanks to his theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, he provides patients access to modern technology and is a sought after specialist in the field of dentistry. Dr. Mark has successfully treated thousands of patients not only from Slovakia, but throughout Europe and America. He speaks English and German.

Education and training:
• Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice 1995 – 2000
• Specialization in the field of dentistry, Faculty of Medicine of Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, 2003
• Specialization in the field of oral surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, 2014 – 2017

• Dr. Mark has worked in various clinics in the UK, Czech Republic and Austria

Workshops and seminars:
• Regularly attends professional training and seminars in Slovakia and abroad, for example. England, Italy, Hungary and Austria.

Dr. Martin Kafka

MuDr. Martin Kafka

After graduating in 2005 at the University of P.J. Safarik in Kosice, MUDr. Kafka was at the clinic of dentistry and maxillofacial surgery in Martin for 4 years, where he developed his knowledge of dental surgery.

He specializes mainly in implantology and surgical dentistry. His main ambition is to find an individual solution for every patient and to ensure that each patient is satisfied with a new smile and good experience.

Dr. Kafka worked for several important clinics in Slovakia. He is the main surgeon at our clinic in Bratislava.

MUDr. Róbert (Robo) Mikuláš – Restorative Dentistry
Dr. Róbert (Robo) Mikuláš – Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Róbert (Robo) Mikuláš – Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Robo is a specialist in microscopic endodontics and has treated patients since 2007. He also specializes in aesthetic dentistry, all-ceramic dental reconstruction, prosthetic and preventive dentistry and CAD/CAM technology. He speaks English.

Education and training: Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine in Olomouc Paláček • Professional competence for the use of dental X-ray equipment, Office of Public Health.

Dr. Tomáš Krčmárik – Dentist

Tomás Krčmárik - MDDr. Dentist
Tomás Krčmárik – Dr. Dentist

Dr. Krčmárik has extensive experience in restorative and preventive dentistry. He has been a member of the Smile Clinic staff since 2014 and his knowledge and practical experience continues with his interest in new technological processes and trends in dentistry. He speaks English and German, Serbian and is learning Japanese.

Education and training: Palacky University in Olomouc, Workshops and seminars: LASAK Curaden, Leica, 3M ESPE, Ultradent, Planmeca and others.

Previous experience: Department of Dentistry and the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Olomouc, Czech Republic • Swiss Smile Dental Clinic, Zurich, Switzerland.

Bc. Monika Žemlová - Patient Coordinator
Monika – Patient Coordinator

Monika – Patient Coordinator 

During her practice at the dental clinic, she has acquired extensive experience in the field of dentistry and dental practice. She is a fully qualified medical nurse and she leads our team of dental nurses. She speaks English and Dutch.

Education and training: Social Work, University of St . Elisabeth in Bratislava.

Bc. Barbora Beňová
Barbora – Dental Hygienist

Barbora – Dental Hygienist will give you valuable advice and treatment for the health of your teeth and gums. Thanks to her years of experience and a friendly approach to dental hygiene, this is one of the most popular dental treatments in the Smile Clinic.

Education and training: Completed courses in Preventive Dentistry, received a degree in dental hygiene at the University of Prešov and her expertise continues to develop through regular participation in conferences and seminars for dental hygienists. University of Prešov • Three-phase course in Preventive Dentistry. Workshops and seminars: • Regular training courses organized by Slovak Chamber of Dental Hygiene.

Michaela Strihová - Chair Side Technician
Michaela – Chair Side Technician

Michaela – Dental Technician is a specialist in the manufacture and installation of makeshift fixed dental bridges. She has extensive experience in orthodontics and prosthetics in new trends in the field of dental technology. She regularly participates in international conferences where she learns and applies this knowledge in practice, improving dental treatment in Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday.

Education and training: Dental Technician, from the medical high school in Topoľčanoch, Slovakia.

Studies abroad:

Weldone, Bologna, Italy under Prof. Dr. Digidi.

Previous experience: Braun dental technician.

Dental Nurses

Our attentive dental nurses will help your dental treatment be as comfortable and painless as possible whilst assisting our implantologists, dentists & dental specialists….

Bc. Elena Vlkovičová - Dental Nurse
Elena – Dental Nurse

Elena – Dental Nurse is a fully qualified medical nurse and dental assistant for the past 13 years, and she has been with Smile Clinic for the past 8 years. She has studied medicine as well as dentistry where she has worked in Slovakia and abroad. She enjoys working with our Endodontist and also studies Physiotherapy outside of her work at our dental clinic.

Education and training: Physiotherapy, balneotherapy and medical rehabilitation and preventive dentistry – specialized courses include: Specialisation in anaesthesia and intensive resuscitative medicine ( ARIP ), Prague • General nurse, Secondary health school in Trnava Study abroad • Regular training for nurses organized by the Slovak Chamber of Nurses and Midwives Previous experience: • ARO, Alexander Winter Hospital Piestany • ARIP Department, University Hospital Vinohrady, Prague.

Miriam Veclavová - Dental Nurse
Miriam – Dental Nurse

Miriam – Dental Nurse

Miriam has been on staff at Smile Clinic since September 2014. She has extensive experience in working in an experienced dental practice and assisting in implantology for domestic and foreign clients. In addition, she’s an excellent nurse, speaks English and is an avid biker.

Education and training: Medical Assistant, Medical high school Trenčín.

Jana Teplanská – Dental Nurse

Jana trained in the Piešťany Smile Clinic and is a recent staff member to Smile Clinic Bratislava.

Education: Received Mgr degree in General Nursing specializing in dental surgery Over five years experience in casualty ward and was a healthcare assistant.

Hana Hanaková - Dental Nurse
Hana – Dental Nurse

Hana – Dental Nurse

Hana is an experienced dental nurse with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge which she acquired during her studies and employment at a dental clinic in the UK as a dental nurse. Her knowledge continues to deepen at her time at Smile Clinic since 2014. Hana speaks fluent English.

Education and training: National Vocational Qualification Level 3 in Dental Nursing, United Kingdom Previous experience: Devon Place Dental Practice, Newport, United Kingdom.

Sabina Adamcová - Dental Nurse
Sabina  – Dental Nurse

Sabina – Dental Nurse

Sabina has been a dental nurse at Smile Clinic since 2014, and has extensive experience in assisting with dental procedures. She studied professionally as a medical assistant, and spent several years working with children in an orphanage. Also, she worked abroad, where she mastered the use of German.

Education and training: Medical Assistant, medical high school.

Janka Bohuňcka - Dental Assistant
Janka  – Dental Assistant

Janka – Dental Assistant

Janka has been the Smile Clinic dental assistant since 2013. She speaks English. 

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