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Say no to dentures!

dentures and dental implants

You want me to do what with these?” she said.
“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

– our patient’s response after being offered dentures in the UK by an NHS dentist.

Whether you’re missing one or more teeth, have dentures or have been told that you need dentures, the Dental Holiday team can help. Say no to dentures!

By offering you the highest quality German implants with a lifetime guarantee at a price never seen in the UK, there’s no reason to live with your dentures, loose bridges or missing teeth any longer.

Whether you need one or a full-jaw replacement, what we call an all-on-4, we can help you achieve a beautiful smile without dentures. Let our premiere implantologist, Dr. Marek (Mark) work his magic for about 50-70% the cost of a full set of implants in the UK.

Just a short flight from most UK airports, you arrive in Bratislava and will be picked up by our driver, Dano, at no cost, and be taken to the lovely spa town of Piešťany where we can help you with accommodations at our clinic flats for €35 a night or at one of the local hotels where you can get a massage or take in the thermal waters, between your treatment.

An extensive set of implants usually takes up to 3 visits at around 3-4 days each visit. Still, it is less in cost and time from the NHS dental system.

Choose the permanent and natural smile.

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