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Digital dentistry

best equipped dental surgery

We provide the next generation of digital dentistry treatment plans, diagnostics, and dental implantation for UK patients.

Using our digital dentistry technology means we are able to:

  • Provide all potential patient’s needs to know right here on this website
  • Provide online chat communication with qualified dental staff
  • Send you a free dental treatment plan and quote via email and answers to any other questions you may have
  • Free analysis of any photographs, written quotes or x-rays that you may want to send to us
dental implants abroad

All without you leaving the comfort of your own home and having to take the time to sit in the waiting room of an NHS dentist. Detailed treatment information and precise predicted costs, before your dental surgery abroad will increase your confidence and comfort.

What does that mean for you?

  • Minimally invasive dental treatments – no unnecessary dental work will be done.  This allows for more satisfaction and improvements for you through minimized pain, cost and discomfort.
  • Enhanced satisfaction by offering you the optimal dental outcome – for a smile that looks and feels natural.
  • Combining 2D and 3D views of the your jawbone during consultation using our CT scanner for optimal and successful implant placement
  • Digitally administered anaesthetic so that you feel no pain.
  • best equipped dental surgery
    Digital microscopes for precise root canal treatment.
  • Infra-red camera that shows up any decay on your teeth.
  • Online payment systems and billing.
  • Overall reduced time in the dental chair and visits to the dental surgery abroad. (all dental veneers, crowns and bridges procedures completed in just 1 visit of 4 working days, dental implants require 3 one day stays over 4-5 months)

Try us and get ahead with the UK’s most trusted dental surgery abroad!

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    • Hi Chris, unfortunately we don’t at the moment, but please send me a photo of your smile and some basic notes, and I’ll put together a free treatment plan and quote together for you within 24hrs.

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